Temie Giwa- Tubosun and The Lifebank Project.

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Temie Giwa Tubosun is the founder of LifeBank, together with her team, they are creating an Africa
where death resulting from unavailability of blood resulting from blood lost would be greatly reduced.
LifeBank has the vision to make blood readildy available to those who need it at the appropriate time.
Temitope Oluwaloni Olamide Giwa Tunbosun is the daughter of two academics and the fourth child in
the family of 6. She is an alumni of Minnesota State University, Moorhead as well as Middlebury
Institute of International Studies at Monterey.
However, she relocated from the United States back to Nigeria width a vision to save lives resulting from
loss of blood. In 2014, she was named among BBC 100 women “To Take Notice of Now and the Future”
making a difference around the world and her life Bank project was featured on CNN’s African Startups.
Subsequently, in 2017 she, she was named one of 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria. In her words,
“My Passion for Maternal Health was born the day I met a young woman who had almost died while
giving birth. We were travelling and we came to this village where we met a young woman who had
been in labour for 3 days and everybody around her were waiting for her to die. It was in a village in
Kano, the baby had been a breech birth and all they needed to do was to turn the baby and the baby
would be fine but the people around didn’t know what to do and how to do it in an effective way. As a
result of this the baby had died in the process, but the mother had not died and they waited so she
could die. Ever that incidence in Kano I always felt that my place is in Nigeria.
It became clear in my mind’s eye that the place I could have a lot of influence and make the need impact
was in Nigeria”. About a year ago, we officially launched LifeBank, 4 month later we went into the
market with our first product, a blood discovery and delivery App for Hospitals.
It has been an incredible year of tough lessons for our young team, great recognition of our work, but
above all we have saved people’s lives. Lifebank is a health technology company focused odn connecting
hospitals with the blood they need across sub-Saharan Africa. We built an App that allows us slist all the
bloods available in a community and where it is located.
We deployed this information to our hospital client and deliver blood, platlets and plasma across Lagos
24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
In 9 months, we moved 1,968 pints of blood and blood products to 65 hsospitals. We have provided
discovery and delivery services to public hospitals like Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and
private hospitals like Reddington.
We earn revenue on each service we provide and we are committed to our financial and impactful
bottom line. We have also helped over 300 ordinary Nigerians give blood and saved up to 900 lives in
the process.

We have recorded huge successes in our journey so far, however we have had major challenges too.
The biggest of which is the struggle to do on-demand delivery during emergencies. We believe that it is
in the best interest of patients for us to remove the emergency nature of getting medical products and
we are exploring ways in which we can use data and technology to solve this. One other challenge we
faced when we started Lifebansk was the lack of infrastructure. My team and i needed to build
At first people challenged why I was doing this since I did not have any health training and then when
they realized that I knew quite a lot about it, they understood and supported me. Furthermore, there
was a challenge of funding. So I got a job and worked really hard and I put a part of my salary every
month into getting the organization working. Now we have got some funding and makes me feel so
However there is no stopping our vision as the number of pints moved continues to grow quarterly. We
continue to add new hospitals and we make enough money to cover operations and more. We have
gained important insights about our markets, our customers, and our operations that will propel us to
our growth phase so we can do more for patients, Blood banks and hospitals. Over the next 2 years, our
target is to move 100,000 products to 2000 hospitals and save 100,000 lives once the need arises. We
are also building a movement of a million Nigerians ready and willing to give blood to save lives.
Our goal is to gt one million active donors for our donor app so as to increase the possibility of funding a
match for recepients in need.­


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