IN THE FACE OF A PANDEMIC: A Guide to Home Activities

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The human condition, as we have come to know it, is defined in whole by every of our unique and collective experiences. In the face of common crises, we are often reminded of the fact, the righteous truth, that even with all our differences, more connects us than separates us.
The events of the corona virus, have in the last three months, tested our empathy and our resourcefulness on new and challenging levels. As a people, we have had to innovate, volunteer, suffer hardships, and in some extremes, brave losses in our efforts to tame this pandemic. Notwithstanding the human and socioeconomic toll, our collective experience of the covid-19, if anything at all, point unassailably to the nature of our courage and resilience in the face of crises.
The past weeks have shown the various measures through which nations of the world have attempted to come to terms with the virus. At the moment, it is the consensus that while we wait for a vaccine, true social distancing (with emphasis on true) could prove the most effective means in checking the spread of the virus. To this end, governments of the world have relaxed commitments and activities, and have drawn up new modus to accommodate restrictions in the movement of people. The meaning of such restrictions in our social space is that we will join countries like Italy for a sit-at-home that is scheduled to last from two to four weeks depending on your affiliations. There are some who say this duration could be more unless the intentions for it is achieved convincingly.

But for a country that hardly sits, Nigerians are already finding it difficult to adhere to social distancing. Interestingly many of these non-adherences are not for a lack of caution, but are rather linked to the mere and ironic fact that we are creatures of habits, and that going out is how we have been groomed. Yet, such a bargain between what is comfortable and what is necessary for public health, will always tilt steeply in favour of the latter.
But there is hope. Hope in the knowledge that with effort, technology and a sufficient supply of basic needs, social distancing won’t only be possible but could become enjoyable with some tangible benefits. This guide intends to bring to light some activities that could help us pass the time.

  1. Knowledge Hunt: While this doesn’t sound particularly interesting, there is an abundance of evidence supporting a correlation between isolation, social distancing, quarantining, and new knowledge. For instance Sir Isaac Newton’s annus mirabilis sprung up from one such unfortunate circumstance. A circumstance he turned around heavily to invent calculus. Staying at home, you could easily make use of all of the extra time to work on new knowledge. Register for online courses (many of which are becoming free). Take that photography class. Learn a language. Learn new business trends and ideas to take your products and services to the next level. Just surf the infinite extent of the web amassing all the knowledge that had before now eluded your grasp. It helps that service providers are relaxing their data prices as a contribution to checking the crises.
  2. Make Memories: There is a potential virtue in this period of quarantining. Restricted movements means we get to spend more time with the people we love. Take the most of this opportunity to make memories. Be completely goofy with your loved ones. Share stories, keep a diary, take pictures of all the moments. Ten years from now, your memoirs may just be among the important marks of this period.
  3. Explore Indoor Entertainment: With increased technology comes an amazing access to variety. This Perhaps is the single most important advantage of today compared to past pandemic ages and periods. Explore limitless entertainment. Every night should be movie night. Catch up on a plethora of TV shows. See what people are up to in skits and videos. Dust up your Social media accounts and follow up on the trends, news and lifestyle as they are continuously shaped in the face of COVID-19.
    If you are quarantining with family, play cards, board games, drinking games. Heck play dress up with your kids. Read new stories. Make jokes. And laugh your hearts fill.
  4. Apply Hidden Skills: You no doubt have that indoor skill that has regressed under the monotony of daily living. This may be the opportunity you have needed to revamp. Start knitting that socks or sweater. Try out new cooking recipes. Start drawing. Start painting. Start recording yourself singing, dancing, and writing. I promise you, it won’t matter if in the beginning, your portraits look more like SpongeBob than Monalisa, or if your records only sound good in a shower. Five years from now, the only thing that would matter is just how much memories you were able to create.
    But in the event that these hidden skills fetch you some money, and they indeed do, you have this writer to thank.

In all, Nigerians are a resilient people and are made from only the toughest stuff in the world. With dedicated and true social distancing, we will no doubt see the end of this rampage. This is our faith. Yet it begins with you. Beging today to apply yourself to proper hygiene and sanitation. Self quarantine! We cannot say this enough.

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